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Part of the same universe as Davka - Throne. Inugami - Auto Cannibalism.and the Tikkun Olam: Genosha Fanseries.

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Needs to be rewritten and updated.


You are X-18.

Also known as Eel, an anxious nonbinary cybernetic survivor of Transigen,whose planning on doing some body alteration on Thursday morning.

You also have some family members to call. Depending on who you call, unexpected things might happen.

After all, you live in Genosha, a mutant-made nation for mutant refugees and their families.


Content Warnings

Mentioned: suicidal ideation, self-harm. Mentally unstable character.


I do not own X-men and any of the characters that belong to Marvel. I own Amp and Eel/X-18/Chai. This is an AU set in Genosha. All canon characters are different from their comics/movie/cartoon counterparts.  This is a demo/rough draft made for the "My First Game Jam."

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